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  • Jinpin Gear has been selected as a member unit of Robotics and Intelligent Equipment in Jiaxing City


    On January 18, 2024, the 2023 annual meeting of the Jiaxing Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Association was successfully held at the Jiaxing Huameida Hotel, with more than 100 representatives and guests from member units attending. Representatives from Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Federation of Industry and Commerce, Association for Science and Technology, and Civil Affairs Bureau attended the annual meeting.

    A total of 43 representatives participated in this council session. During the meeting, we summarized the work content for 2023 and voted on the eligibility for new members to join. We have reviewed the optimization plan for the organizational structure of the association, the construction plan for the work capacity of the secretariat, and the plan for strengthening external cooperation and exchange of the association. The directors have provided valuable suggestions for the development of the association.

    At the same time, the fifth general meeting of the second session of the Jiaxing Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Association was held, with a total of 94 member units and more than 100 people attending. Zhang Jianxin, Deputy Secretary General of the Association, summarized the work of the Association for the year 2023 and provided a financial report. At the meeting, new members, outstanding members, exemplary individual of the Association, and the first batch of chief technology officers (CTOs) were awarded medals. Announce the decision to establish a CNC Machine Tool Expert Guidance Committee and a CNC Machine Tool Service Expert Group, and establish a "Robot and Automation Special Committee" to jointly build the "Yangtze River Delta Intelligent Manufacturing Cooperation Base" signing and unveiling ceremony. Chen Gong, Chief Operating Officer of Jinpin Gear, attended the licensing ceremony on behalf of the company and introduced Jinpin Gear's business in intelligent manufacturing, focusing on the research and processing of high-precision gear products.

    Chen Gong proposed that as a member unit, Jinpin hopes to strengthen technical exchanges with other member units, provide platform services for everyone to expand their gear design and processing capabilities, promote Jinpin's consistent spirit of craftsmanship, and work together to improve Jiaxing's competitiveness in the Yangtze River Delta region. Jinpin will also provide customized professional services for more customers, strengthen technical service capabilities, and expand industry influence.

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